Succeeding in a mobile economy

hands-coffee-smartphone-technologyIf you remember when businesses ran by phone call and FAX, today’s communication capabilities may seem a bit over the top. Is it really essential to be able to send and receive text messages from customers? Is it really necessary to link your website to your phone system?

The answer is ‘yes, absolutely.’

In the span of five years, mobile phone texting went from something teenagers do to stay connected, to the single most popular method of communication in the world. In 2007, the average American received more text messages than phone calls. By 2010, the world was sending more than 6 trillion text messages per year.

The primary reason for this is, of course, the increase in mobile phone users.
According to Pew Research Center, more than 90-percent of Americans carry a mobile phone today. Six out of 10 Americans use a smartphone.

Clearly, every business needs to adjust its communications capabilities to the new realities of American life. You don’t just need a website. You need a website that is readable on a mobile phone and includes a ‘click-to-call’ link on your phone number, enabling a mobile phone user to simply tap your number to call your business.

Beyond providing convenience to your customers, mobile communication capabilities are increasingly essential for businesses seeking the best and brightest workforce.

The most effective staffers today want the ability to stay connected wherever and whenever they want, and they want that capability on their own devices.

Providing mobile integration and so-called Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) capabilities to your business can be terrifyingly complex and insecure.

But, with a cloud-hosted business phone system, the integration and security issues are handled for you, even while you continue to benefit from the cost-savings and increased performance of fully digital communication.

Curious about how your business will benefit from truly mobile communication?

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