The Athena family expands with the addition of Athena Voice

October 15, 2015

The creators of the popular Internet Service Provider Athena Broadband, have announced the creation of Athena Voice, a cloud-hosted business phone system offering unlimited calling and a full array of sophisticated business phone system features.

With Athena Voice, businesses in Middle Tennessee and Northern Alabama will have access to the extraordinary reach, power and cost-efficiency of Internet Protocol (IP) communication technologies, which enable businesses to quickly and efficiently send data or communication messages anywhere that Internet connections are available. The best known IP technology–Voice-Over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, enables telephone conversations to be carried over the Internet. VoIP has revolutionized telephone communications, enabling low-cost phone service and sophisticated automation features once limited to only the largest corporations.

Athena co-founder and President Josh Lynch said the new company will enable businesses in Middle Tennessee and Northern Alabama to take full advantage of the competitive edge and market-expanding benefits of the Internet.

“The Internet has dramatically changed the way the world does business,” Lynch said, adding “It has opened up markets and leveled the competitive playing field, enabling anyone with high-quality Internet access to find customers, products and services that once were unreachable.

“Our Broadband services are providing dependable, affordable Internet access to the communities we call home. Now, with Athena Voice, these communities will have access to the kind of high-quality telephone service needed to successfully compete in today’s business environment,” Lynch said.

Athena Voice offers complete business phone systems, providing unlimited calling throughout the U.S. and Canada, and a full array of business phone system features, such as voicemail, phone extensions, Music On Hold, Auto Reception, call recording, Interactive Voice Response, Call Center management reports and much more.

Lynch said Athena Voice, like Athena Broadband, is dedicated to providing Middle Tennessee and Northern Alabama access to world-class Internet technology and down-home support.

“We want to deliver the world’s best Internet solutions, and the kind of fast, friendly and caring customer service you would expect from a neighborhood shop,” Lynch said. “Our community-minded approach to business, ultra-reliable network, and reputation for fast, locally-sourced customer support, has made Athena Broadband one of Middle Tennessee’s fastest-growing Wireless Internet Service Providers,” he added.

Athena has more than 40 so-called Points of Presence (Internet access points such as transmission towers and other facilities) scattered throughout its service region.

Athena Voice’s services include:

Custom, on-site installation

Integration with existing systems

Provision of needed phones

Training and full support.

About Athena Voice
Athena Voice is a locally owned and operated company based in Shelbyville, TN. Its sister business–Athena Broadband, has since 2010 built a reputation for excellent customer service and network reliability among its residential and business customers. Athena is a proud member of the Wireless Internet Service Providers Association (WISPA).

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