We’re Neighbors, and We’re Bringing You the World

Athena Voice joins Athena Broadband as the newest member of the Athena family of companies.  We are a locally-owned and locally-operated technology services firm dedicated to providing Middle Tennessee and Northern Alabama access to world-class Internet technology and exceptionally responsive support.

Our co-founder and President Josh Lynch puts it this way:

“We want to deliver the world’s best Internet solutions, and the kind of fast, friendly and caring customer service you would expect from a neighborhood shop.

Our community-minded approach to business, ultra-reliable network, and reputation for fast customer response, has made Athena Broadband one of the fastest-growing Internet Service Providers in Middle Tennessee.  We’re applying that same formula to Athena Voice.

So, what exactly do we mean when we say Athena is taking a ‘community-minded approach’ to business?

What we mean is that Athena was created by life-long residents of Middle Tennessee and the Tennessee Valley who recognized that our area has had little or no access to the Internet.  As a result, our communities have not been able to take full advantage of the Internet’s great economic benefits, including access to distant markets, customers, suppliers and opportunities around the world.

And yes, this access also increases our own opportunities to out-source labor. But, instead of taking advantage of that benefit, we are committed to providing locally-sourced support staff. We’re making that commitment for two reasons:

One, we want our businesses to become an important part of our communities by providing jobs for local families; and,

Two, because we believe local people who know and love our communities will provide better quality, more responsive and effective service than support staff located hundreds or thousands of miles away.

We think this approach not only makes sense for our communities, but makes good business sense, too.  And, so far, the response of our communities is proving us right.”

With the creation of Athena Voice, businesses in Middle Tennessee and Northern Alabama, have access to the extraordinary reach, power and cost-efficiency of Internet Protocol (IP) technologies. IP technologies enable businesses to quickly and efficiently send data or communication messages anywhere that Internet connections are available.  The best known IP technology–known as Voice-Over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, enables telephone conversations to be carried over the Internet. VoIP has revolutionized telephone communications, enabling low-cost phone service and sophisticated automation features once limited to only the largest corporations.

Athena Voice and Athena Broadband use the most sophisticated technology available in order to provide affordable, high-quality Internet services for local residents and businesses. We have offices in Shelbyville and Pulaski, Tennessee, and more than 40 Points Of Presence (towers and other access facilities) throughout our service area of Middle Tennessee and Northern Alabama.

We are proud members of the Wireless Internet Service Providers Association, an advocacy organization dedicated to bringing high-quality Internet services to millions of Americans in small towns, cities and rural areas across the country.